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Company values

1. We build partnership

  • One for all, all for one.

  • We respect, support and trust each other.

  • We are all different individuals and it is our strength.

  • Our business partners' success is our success.

  • We build long-term partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and effective collaboration.

  • We keep our promises.

2. We give our best

  • We are dedicated professionals.

  • We work hard to deliver on our commitments.

  • We show energy at work.

  • We try until we succeed and never give up.

  • We know that there is a solution to every problem.

  • We look for every way to deliver added value to the customer.

  • We continuously improve our skills and competencies.

  • Only the best is good enough.

3. We are honest

  • We are transparent in everything we do.

  • We communicate in an open and kind manner.

  • We are honest to ourselves as well as our customers.

  • Honesty builds trust and trust builds partnerships.

  • We give feedback, no matter whether good or bad and we are always ready to receive feedback.

  • Constructive feedback allows us to grow and improve ourselves.

  • We are critical thinkers and we challenge the status quo.

4. We love what we do

  • Our work is our passion.

  • We feel motivated and valued.

  • We work hard.

  • We make sure our working days are filled with meaning and fun.

  • Delivering value to our customers is the meaning of our work.

  • We enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our working environment.

  • We take ownership by learning from our mistakes rather than by shifting blame to others.

5. Technology is our friend

  • We are in love with technology.

  • We learn using technology to become more efficient every day.

  • We actively look for gaps in the market and develop our own solutions to cover them.

  • We work hard to be always step ahead.

  • We discover, assess and recommend new technologies, from those delivering valuable incremental change to absolute game-changers.

6. We act with integrity

  • We do the right things no matter what.

  • We are committed, focused and take responsibility.

  • We accept responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable for our acts.

  • We act in accordance with the law, ethical standards and our conscience.

  • Sustainability is more than just recycling. We seek to deliver a positive impact on society.

  • We are fierce but fair competitors.

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