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SAP SuccessFactors

Modular HR system

The system helps to develop the most valuable capital in the company, which are employees. It develops  their potential and increases their involvement. SAP SuccessFactors is a modern and modular system including HR leading practice. The system helps to centralize personal data, harmonize HR processes, so it’s not important how many branches you have in Czech Republic or abroad. Choose the best combination of SAP SuccessFactors modules for your company.

Employee Central


Employee Central contains all company data.

  • Central database of all employees personal data

  • Organization structure with all contacts

  • Easy operation for HR department without IT help

  • Individual system setting acording to customers requests



Intuitive system to work with new employee during onboarding process, even before hire date that makes the first days easier. 

  • Contacting the candidate before onboarding

  • Paperless data collection from selected candidate

  • Access to learning and necessary boarding documents 

  • Automatic notifications for manager and new employees



Modern platform for all learning tools in the company.

  • Internal, mandatory or optional learning courses

  • Preset learning packages

  • One system with different learning tools (video, presentation, with lector)

  • Approval and reporting of courses


Performance & Goals

výkonnost a cíle.png

Involvement of managers in the process of performance measurement and goal planning

  • A tool for regular feedback​

  • Delegation and joint fulfilment of goals will increase the motivation and commitment of employees

  • Clear reporting for HR departments and managers on the status of planning/goal evaluation​

  • Mobile application for quick entry and evaluation of goals



Module for complete rectuiting process and selecting the best candidate for any position. 

  • Easy and flexible management system of candidates

  • Automatic publishing of all job requisitions

  • Own database of candidates

  • Management of own carrier page 

Compensation & Variable pay


The recommendation will enable the manager to be free to decide on the increase of employees' salaries within the set HR limits, and at the same time ensure fairness of remuneration.

  • Simplifies template management for the HR department and thus increases work efficiency​

  • Involvement of managers in the remuneration process​

  • Budget planning and management tool​

  • Clear reporting 



Verified tool to process payroll in modern cloud version of SAP HCM. 

  • Conected with accounting system and complying with legislative requirements

  • Controlling and automatic notifications

  • Bank transfers

  • Tax processing including payments

  • Localization for 46 countries, including CZ and SK

Succession & Development

nástupnictví a rozvoj.png

Will enable the company both immediate coverage of key positions in the event of a sudden change, as well as long-term employee development planning.

  • Records of all key positions in the company in graphic form

  • With the help of a career path, it will enable employees to plan their future in the company

  • It will allow the company to focus the recruitment process on junior (and therefore low-cost) positions​

  • Simple and clear management of talented employee groups (talent Pools)


Reporty a analýzy.png

Provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future.

  • Improves visibility and accelerate investigations using visually interactive analysis tools that make it easy to spot workforce opportunities and risks

  • Rely on SAP SuccessFactors to manage data quality so you can focus on data utilization and policy interventions

  • Quickly and accurately answers your questions and influence talent and business decisions being considered by your managers and executives.

  • Integrate data from multiple systems (core HR, talent, engagement, financials, and so on) to see how investments in people impact business results

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